We could have crippled ISIS early on. Now we can regret it.

Now it is clear to even the greatest dullards that ISIS is a threat to civilized peoples across the planet. Sadly it took the deaths of thousands before it finally sunk in.

Now recall that shortly after their blitzkrieg of Iraq began that we missed a golden opportunity to cripple them. They had already taken a couple of major Iraqi cities and were moving as a mass on open highway. They were sitting ducks and our Air Force could have left them as ashes.

Unfortunately our nation’s leadership dithered. ISIS went on to slaughter thousands more before the USA finally was rousted from slumber when Iraq’s main dam was captured. The beheading of a US journalist for the cameras was further prodding.

Had the US acted while ISIS was vulnerable on the highway, the attempted genocide of the Yazidi would have been prevented. Collectively thousands of Yazidi, Christians, Jews, Shia Muslims, and just plain ole men, women, and children were murdered by this collection of kooks. When a group gets it jollies out of cutting off heads and posting it on social media — that should be a clue it is hostile.

The excuse at the time for not unleashing death from the skies was not wanting to be seen as Maliki’s air force. Nonsense! An enemy of civilization itself — with a goal to wipe out everyone who didn’t adhere to its branch of Islam — was on the move. You could mark their trail by the piles of bodies.

Now our own defense secretary is calling them capable of unleashing 9/11 destruction targeting our nation. They are the wealthiest terror group in history and have several thousand battle-hardened fanatics willing to be martyrs. They have access to OUR weapons and all sorts of fun toys of mass-destruction as they plunder Iraq. Could they cobble together a radioactive dirty bomb and leave a major city contaminated? Yes, it appears they have that capability.

Would they do it? The river of blood they have shed over the last few months indicate a perfect willingness to commit any atrocity.

Again, they were massed on an open road with no ability to stop an air attack. Had Hell been unleashed on them, they could have been crippled and limped back into Syria. Instead they got the idea Allah was with them and so they butchered their way forward.

What fools we are at times…


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One Response to “We could have crippled ISIS early on. Now we can regret it.”

  1. Zonk Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Sad part of democracy is the snail like pace we react to global politics because it may hurt some feelings. Just covered the same topic from a different angle, let me know what you think, if you have a moment.


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