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Finally, a fix for the BROKEN Windows Update version 7.6.7600.320!

September 19, 2015

Windows Update has a bug where once the latest version is installed (7.6.7600.320) all sort of problems may develop. Basically, it is broken for a lot of users. After two weeks of trying everything I could find on the Internet, I may have finally gotten a solution.

Here is a way I found to fix it if Windows 7 ever needs to be reinstalled.

1. Do a clean installation from the DVD. Set Windows Update to the Recommended settings.

2. Reboot a couple of times

3. Install the Windows Update Patch: Windows6.1-KB3050265

4. Reboot a couple of times

5. Wait a bit then run Windows Update. It should now work. Download all of the updates and install them (or let Windows do it when you shut down).

6. If you run into issues with .Net 4.5.2, then install it manually using the file: NPD452-KB2901907-x86-x64-AIIOS-ENU

7. Roboot.

8. If Windows Update starts acting up (taking too long to check for updates), then run MicrosoftFixit50123

Doing all of these things in this order fixed Microsoft Update 7.6.7600.320 on a Dell Optiplex 740 with Windows 7 Professional.


Another epic fail of Windows Update (Windows 7)

September 1, 2015

I am trying to put Windows 7 on a Dell Latitude D830. Everything goes well, except Windows Update never finishes checking for updates.

I have spent two evening troubleshooting it and trying every potential fix found via Google. It is broken.

C’mom Microsoft, the one thing that simply HAS TO WORK on any version of Windows is the update feature.

If I eventually get it to work, I will try to post what I think finally did it.

UPDATE: I am still running into Windows Update nightmares on Windows 7. The latest is having it start a Windows 10 update and never being able to finish. It just keeps going on for hours saying it is downloading the installation file.