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Media speculating XP will still be supported after next April

October 27, 2013

I am starting to see media speculation that confirms what I also believe to be the case. Basically, a lot of folks are concluding that Microsoft will not pull the plug on support for XP next April.,24844.html

I think the reality is that XP will likely still be the second most-installed OS in the world next April. If so, it will mean MS will have a hard time pulling the plug on it — especially if such a move leaves millions of user in a lurch.

A lot of older computer and essential peripheral device hardware may either choke on a newer OS (lack of drivers, for example) or be running essential software that requires XP.

Heck, even I still will keep a basic XP machine around just to be able to play some of the older games that flat-out refuse to run under Windows 7. Some of this older software won’t settle for a virtual XP within Windows 7. It wants Windows XP!

I even have a couple of commissions to build Windows 98SE machines for people with even older software and games they wanted to run again.

If MS ditches all support for XP, then a lot of people who bought their products may be hosed — especially if this translates into a lack of security patches and users get infected as a result.

Hopefully MS will realize that the flop of Windows 8 (and the half-baked 8.1) has already generated a lot of ill will. Compounding it further by pulling the plug on an OS that millions of people still use (to include oodles of those essential business customers) is nuts. Yanking support will be (correctly) perceived as MS trying to steamroll users into an new OS at what may be considerable cost (they have to replace still usable equipment) and inconvenience (some of their their software and devices don’t work).