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What does it good for doctors to discuss tests if they blow off the results?

November 26, 2016

For years I refused to get a prostate level test (TSA) due to the evidence that it does more harm than good. I had a PCP that kept encouraging me to do it and I would pointedly refuse. I insisted it go into the medical that patient REFUSED prostate level test.

Anyhow, I had some routine labs ordered and was troubled to see that a TSA test was included in the lab orders. Worse, I looked look at older orders and discovered that I was getting the tests as part pf my regular lab orders.

So, I had the discussion with the PCP with the on the test and REFUSED it. This was supposed to be logged in my charts. Then I learn that my wishes were ignored and I was both getting the testing and being billed my share of the costs.

Now I have to scan all lab orders to ensure that my wishes are followed — despite a discussion with the doctor and having it noted in my records.

I ask: What does it do to “talk about talk about tests and procedures with your doctor) if they simply blow off what you tell them?