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I now officially ignore all Fallout 4 defense settlement and kidnap quests

December 17, 2016

The last two straws:

1. I went from Sanctuary to a location just south of the entry to Far Harbor to loot Mahkra Fishery. It has the biggest stash of aluminum in the game I have ever found. It also had a small fortune in raider gear off of raiders and some decent fights with Synths. There is also a settlement right close where I can sell excess gear or upgrade it (has two merchants available). I had LITERALLY gotten to the front door when the game then wanted me to drop everything and go defend Hangman’s Alley. This is the settlement just north of Diamond City. The game expected me to hike nearly to the middle of the map for a ten second fight. I decided that I was no longer willing to have my plans for missions be tossed aside again. If I was in the middle of a quest, I was NOT going to set it aside. I later got the message that my settlers had lost the fight. Guess what? I didn’t CARE anymore. Unless I was in the local area or traveling to do another quest, I am now officially ignoring these notices. Suck it up helpless settlers, but it is time for you to grow up.
2. I have had maybe a half-dozen Kidnapping at Sanctuary quests. One came from Preston (though I never recalled seeing it until it failed). The rest were given to me by random NPCs. Once the dialog starts, one can ask for more details – and then you can either do the quest, pay a ransom, or tell the NPC tough luck. The missions have become BORING repetition (often reusing the same locations) and seemed like I was getting another one each time I went to Sanctuary. This time I heard an NPC try to engage me in the “please let me” dialog – and I simply ran away. If there is an attempt to start the dialog, I will back away until I am out of range. I might consider it for locations where I am still exploring, but NOT for anything around places like Sanctuary. I know that area like my backyard. From now on, requests from NPCs for help are officially to be ignored. It appears I can keep them from my quest log. I may also do the trick of telling Preston to go be at the most remove settlement available so he can’t spam radiant quests either.

I can mod the game, but am leery of breaking something else. An earlier version a mod to fix the radiant quests ended up breaking Minuteman quests. I have also looked into a way to look under the hood of the game to: (a) change the number of radiant quests that can be active (the default is 3; I would go to 1) and (b) change the odds of generating a radiant quest (I recall the default odds are 25%; dropping to 10% can make it more tolerable).

Again, these silly quests can be fun once in a while. I like to test my defenses sometimes (and collect loot after a 10 second fight) and rescuing a kidnapped settler is some easy and quick XP.

Where Bethesda blew it was constantly spamming these TIME-LIMITED quests and expecting players to drop everything to complete them. Then, repeating them and again and again…