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Duke Nuken 3D missing text fix when using High-res packs

June 7, 2011

I fired up my enhanced version of Duke Nuken 3D from again tonight and noticed I had no text in the text blocks. The problem apparently had to do with the use of high-res pack. However, a quick search found a simple fix. Merely enter the game console by entering the ~ key inside the game. Then type in r_texturemode 0 and hit enter. Then hit escape. The text blocks work great and the fix stayed when I started up the game again.

The fix was found here at


Give Beneath a Steel Sky a try for free at

July 28, 2009

It is free at and they toss in a lot of nice extras. This 1994 point-and-click adventure game comes rapped in SCUMMVM, so it plays nice on XP and VISTA machines.

While you are at, look at the growing collection of classic games at great prices. Best of all, they get them to work with modern operating systems.

I was rusty at point-and-click games, but am finding it a fun retro experience. True, the graphics are primitive. But, the script has some laugh out loud funny lines and the story is starting to suck me in.