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New humanoid subspecies discovered: Craiglistus Flakeus

April 17, 2016

I am encountering a new subspecies of humanoid lately. I call them Craiglistus Flakeus. Here are a few of their characteristics:

1. They make appointments to come see items listed for sale, then don’t show up. They don’t email or call to cancel either. They don’t care if you spend hours of your time on a weekend or evening after work waiting on them.
2. As a variant of the above, they offer a low-ball price in exchange for “coming right over”. Then they don’t show up, or want to come by at a later date and get the same discount.
3. They show up and waste a half-hour of your time playing with the item offered for sale, then want to negotiate a lower price, and then leave if you decline. Oh, and they can see you are busy (because you TELL THEM so), but keep wasting your time anyway. They are “The Thing that Wouldn’t Leave” for any classic SNL fans (back when it was funny).
3. They cannot (or will not) actually read the ads. You state the price is firm and they want to haggle. They ask questions on details covered in the ads.
5. They bring along guests. I have had whole families show up to look at an item and completely crowd my small home office. The best is when people are waiting in the car (like kids) and they get tired of waiting and wander back.
6. They cannot bring the correct amount of cash. They show up expecting the seller can make change.
7. They show up with less cash than the asking price — then ask if you can accept what they have in hand for the item.
8. They agree to buy the item, then start looking around to see if there are items you can bundle in (like keyboards, mice, even monitors).
9. They are prone to profanity-filled email rants to complete strangers if you disagree with their offer or other perceived slights.
10. They want to touch stuff in your home office. Again the key word here is HOME — as in they are in part of your HOME.

Anyhow, maybe others have encountered this new subspecies of humanoid life-form.