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Something that needs to be fixed in Fallout 4 is the settlement attacks

July 17, 2016

I love the game and am trying an Ironman run. However, there is one frustrating aspect to it that really needs to be fixed.

I have lots of settlements. I try to keep their defenses high, but still get notices that they are being attacked. The issue is that I then need to rush off and defend them as there is timer before the mission fails.

The problem is that I may be on the other side of the map. I may be embroiled in some long mission, and perhaps overloaded and unable to run. Worse, as an Ironman player, we don’t use fast-travel. This is considered cheating, as you can miss all the potentially dangerous encounters between locations. Ironman players walk/run to each location in the game.

So, twice now recently I get a notice of a settlement being attacked. Once was clear across the other side of the map in my most far-flung settlement location. I headed out as soon as I saw the notice (dropped my current quest) and still saw a failure notice before I could trudge in power armor all that distance (through enemy territory for part of it). So, I had to reload a saved game and fast-travel to have a 30 second fight with some super mutants. All of the enemies, locations, loot, and XP I had encountered along the way while trying to walk over was gone now, of course. Immersion in the game was lost.

Next I had to rush off to defend a location already bristling with turrets. I got there to have a fight that lasted maybe five seconds with some robots. I gathered up loot from the fallen mechs and then headed back to my main base at Sanctuary.

A similar situation exists when you get missions to rescue NPCs. Take too long and the mission fails.

Again, this just ruins the exploration and quest-driven aspects of the game. I shouldn’t be expected to go from my main base all the way to a quest location on the other side of the map — and then turn around to go back because some farm near Sanctuary is being hit by a couple of raiders.

Here are my proposed fixes. Either one will work, though the first one is preferable:

1. Remove all timers from the settlement defense and hostage rescue missions. Let us get to them just like any other mission in the game. This lets me finish up quests I am on at the time.
2. If we simply must have a sense of urgency on some missions, then add a countdown timer. Give the player feedback on how long they have to do the settlement defense or NPC hostage rescue mission. Get rid of the drop everything to do it now or risk failing it aspects. Also, allow enough time to go to the mission location WITHOUT having to resort to fast-traveling and having to abandon missions they are already on.

This should be a simple patch. Someone may have done one or both of these with a mod.

One other change would be to offer clear guidance on a level of settlement defenses where NOBODY will attack. If I need to maintain 2X food and water in defense, well OK. I can do that. If I need 3X to stop all attacks, well I can go nuts on defenses. The issue I have is that settlements with high defenses still seem to be targeted. Tell me how much is enough and I will put it in. I do want my little NPCs to be safe.

One option would be to pop in a simple settlement attack risk calculator into the HUD that looked at assets cs. defenses. That is admittedly a tad complicated, since it gets into HUD redesign. Or, just have some NPC dialog that talks about how they can see their strong defenses on their base should keep attacks from happening. Have them worry aloud if they see defense ratings below the full safety measure. The player then gets feedback on whether to keep adding defenses.

Or, to be really simple, Bethesda could simply patch in a “no attacks on is defense is X times food + water” functionality. Then, tell everyone what it is so we can exceed it (post it to the forums).

Again, great game, but judging from other player comments, I am not the only one who finds these seeming random settlement attacks annoying.


Finally, a fix for the BROKEN Windows Update version 7.6.7600.320!

September 19, 2015

Windows Update has a bug where once the latest version is installed (7.6.7600.320) all sort of problems may develop. Basically, it is broken for a lot of users. After two weeks of trying everything I could find on the Internet, I may have finally gotten a solution.

Here is a way I found to fix it if Windows 7 ever needs to be reinstalled.

1. Do a clean installation from the DVD. Set Windows Update to the Recommended settings.

2. Reboot a couple of times

3. Install the Windows Update Patch: Windows6.1-KB3050265

4. Reboot a couple of times

5. Wait a bit then run Windows Update. It should now work. Download all of the updates and install them (or let Windows do it when you shut down).

6. If you run into issues with .Net 4.5.2, then install it manually using the file: NPD452-KB2901907-x86-x64-AIIOS-ENU

7. Roboot.

8. If Windows Update starts acting up (taking too long to check for updates), then run MicrosoftFixit50123

Doing all of these things in this order fixed Microsoft Update 7.6.7600.320 on a Dell Optiplex 740 with Windows 7 Professional.

Getting rid of from Google Chrome

September 6, 2015

I took in a coworker’s computer that wouldn’t boot. I replaced a blown capacitor, power supply, and a video card.

However, I then noticed her machine seemed to be malware-infested. I got rid of most of it by sweeping it with the usual suspects of disinfectants like ComboFix, MalwareBytes, Hitman Pro, etc.

However, no matter what I tried I couldn’t get a search engine hijacker to be excised. It is the infamous malware, which can be a beast to remove.

Hours later, it looks like I finally have Google Chrome cleaned up.

Here is what finally did it:!topic/chrome/YTsjmFFCPn8

Thanks go to rfmanning (Bob). Here is the fix (quoting from the site):

rfmanning said:
I too had the misfortune of encountering the default search hijacking. I tried everything. I even purchased SpyHunter2 which found some remnants I had I had missed. Search still hijacked.

Here’s what worked for me…

Finally, navigate to C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine (alternatively C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\User).

Look for Registry.pol or other .pol files that reference the extension ID. To do so, simply open the file with Notepad. If it’s the file you are looking for, delete it.

This killed the hijack and restored my ability to set my default browser in Chrome.

For those curious;

This is the contents of registr.pol, I found and deleted.

PReg [ S o f t w a r e \ P o l i c i e s \ G o o g l e \ C h r o m e ; M e t r i c s R e p o r t i n g E n a b l e d ; ; ; ] [ S o f t w a r e \ P o l i c i e s \ G o o g l e \ C h r o m e ; D e f a u l t S e a r c h P r o v i d e r E n a b l e d ; ; ; ] [ S o f t w a r e \ P o l i c i e s \ G o o g l e \ C h r o m e ; D e f a u l t S e a r c h P r o v i d e r N a m e ; ; ; S a f e S e a r c h ] [ S o f t w a r e \ P o l i c i e s \ G o o g l e \ C h r o m e ; D e f a u l t S e a r c h P r o v i d e r S e a r c h U R L ; ; z ; h t t p : / / w w w . s a f e s e a r . c h / w e b / ? t y p e = s s Рc h Рd s Рi x & q = { s e a r c h T e r m s } ] [ S o f t w a r e \ P o l i c i e s \ G o o g l e \ C h r o m e ; D e f a u l t S e a r c h P r o v i d e r I c o n U R L ; ; T ; h t t p : / / w w w . s a f e s e a r . c h / i m a g e s / f a v i c o n . i c o ] [ S o f t w a r e \ P o l i c i e s \ G o o g l e \ C h r o m e ; D e f a u l t S e a r c h P r o v i d e r S u g g e s t U R L ; ; Π; h t t p : / / f f . s e a r c h . y a h o o . c o m / g o s s i p ? o u t p u t = f x j s o n & c o m m a n d = { s e a r c h T e r m s } ] [ S o f t w a r e \ P o l i c i e s \ G o o g l e \ C h r o m e ; D e f a u l t S e a r c h P r o v i d e r N e w T a b U R L ; ; F ; h t t p : / / w w w . s a f e s e a r . c h / ? t y p e = c h Рn t ] [ S o f t w a r e \ P o l i c i e s \ G o o g l e \ C h r o m e \ R e c o m m e n d e d ; H o m e p a g e L o c a t i o n ; ; X ; h t t p : / / w w w . s a f e s e a r . c h / ? t y p e = 2 0 1 4 1 0 2 8 Рc h Рi x ] [ S o f t w a r e \ P o l i c i e s \ G o o g l e \ C h r o m e \ R e c o m m e n d e d ; H o m e p a g e I s N e w T a b P a g e ; ; ; ] [ S o f t w a r e \ P o l i c i e s \ G o o g l e \ C h r o m e \ R e c o m m e n d e d ; R e s t o r e O n S t a r t u p ; ; ; ] [ S o f t w a r e \ P o l i c i e s \ G o o g l e \ C h r o m e \ R e c o m m e n d e d \ R e s t o r e O n S t a r t u p U R L s ; 1 ; ; X ; h t t p : / / w w w . s a f e s e a r . c h / ? t y p e = 2 0 1 4 1 0 2 8 Рc h Рi x ]


All I can add is that (a) I tried it and it worked and (b) Bob deserves a salute!

Something to be changed in Skyrim to prevent inventory bloat via weighted quest items

January 2, 2012

I was in a cavern on the fairly far eastern end of the map and found a lute. It had a name, something like Finn’s Lute and I picked it up. It weighed four pounds and I soon I discovered I couldn’t get rid of it. It was a quest item. What quest? Who knows!

I ended up looking it up to see what I had to do to get this useless weight OUT OF MY INVENTORY. It seems I have to go all the way to the Bard’s College, find a specific NPC, and apparently do some other quest beforehand to trigger the dialog tree where they mention they are sad. The reason for their sadness? They are missing a beloved loot which was taken by bandits and hidden in a cave.

I could quite easily have been carrying this bit of inventory around almost the entire game.

QUEST ITEMS NEED TO BE WEIGHTLESS! If I can’t get rid of it and the game WON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH IT, then don’t penalize me for grabbing a bit of what looks like harmless loot. Oblivion had weightless quest items and it just makes sense.

Nor is that the worst example. The Dragon Stone recovered in the in the first main quest mission weighs 25 pounds. It looks like you could pick it up before you get the quest to fetch it if you do the recover the Golden Claw quest right away. If so, that is a lot of inventory sucked up by a quest item – especially if it is a mystery to the player regarding where it is supposed to go.