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Why Ubuntu is still not going to enter the mainstream

December 4, 2016

I had an older Dell Optiplex 755 that used Windows XP. Decided to try it with Ubuntu to have a current operating system.

The install was smooth. Cool.

Then I went to Dell’s site to grab the latest BIOS. It downloaded. Great!

Then it wouldn’t launch. At all. The default application was called Archive Manager and it couldn’t figure out what to do with it. The Software Install software was also totally lost.

It is a SIMPLE EXE FILE that any version of Windows can use with a single click. It looks like I needed to add other utilities that could hopefully open this file. Would these be simple to locate, download, and run? Nope. It would involve typing in command prompts and wading through Ubuntu documentation.

So a full install of Ubuntu can’t even manage a simple BIOS update downloaded from Dell. Right…

OK, let’s start the deletion process. It is obvious an ‘operating system’ that can’t manage to download and install an EXE file for an BIOS update is NOT ready.

Yo, Linux Fanboys, why not make this USABLE by having the basic functionality that has been part of Windows since basically forever. If I wanted to much around with command prompts, I can go back to DOS.