Video card makers need to offer ready access to replacement fans

The video card hardware that makes the image itself seldom fails. However, the cooling fans have bearings that wear out. Once the fan fails, the card overheats and can’t be used.

One would think it would be easy to get replacement fans to keep otherwise working cards in operation. Nope. It is often a nightmare.

It involves poring over eBay and the like and HOPING to get an exact match. Even if you order the same make/model fan, it may arrive as not the same exact replacement. It takes weeks to get the fans in (they usually come from China) and I just had one arrive that was DOA.

I am looking at four video cards on the shelf where I am trying to find replacement cooling fans. Without new fans, these cards are electronic scrap. This is a waste of perfectly good hardware!

My view is that responsible video card companies should stock replacement fans for their products. Make it easy and convenient for the customer to keep their card in service.


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