BIOS update to Biostar K8M800 Micro AM2 bricked the motherboard

I had a weird issue where CPUs were shown as running too hot, so I figured a BIOS update might be worth a try.

It was this BIOS: 8M80M724.BS update CPU micro code. (Beta) 524288 2008-07-24

Installed using their motherboard’s BIOS update tool. The update went smoothly, but the motherboard was a brick afterward.

Be wary.

I was able to find a replacement BIOS CHIP from eBay for $14.03. It has to be shipped from the Netherlands. I will try to post an update once it arrives.

The board itself isn’t really worth it, but I use it to test AGP video cards.

UPDATE: The first BIOS shipped to me didn’t work. To their credit, the seller sent me another one. This one works. It takes forever to get stuff from the Netherlands, but it was nice to see the MB work again. Kudos to the seller!


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