Toying with getting a Dell XPS 13 and then doing a retro W7 install on it.

You may think I am nuts, but I am seriously toying with getting a non-touch Dell XPS 13 – but want to pop W7 on it. Apparently doing so can be an ordeal the way Dell has their machines set up. But then, others have pulled it off and there are guides. I would like the rule-breaking challenge of doing it, if nothing else.

If I can get the tech of an XPS 13 (the crazy battery life and low weight) coupled with a more mature OS, that sounds tempting.

Someone is selling a like-new XPS 13 locally for $500. I am wishing hard I didn’t still have overdue things to catch up, as that would be ideal.

The only enticement to a new one is that you can now get the non-touch with 8 GB of RAM and the upgrade to a 256 GB SSD.

If I do go with W10 at some point, it will need to be Pro as that gets me the group policy features that eliminate things like OneDrive easier.

Seriously though, didn’t anybody at MS see this backlash coming? DDidn’t somebody ask, “Hey, maybe some people might feel weird having their keystrokes logged or their bandwidth sucked or all the baked-in apps they don’t want?”

One can find online feedback going back into last year as users flogged some of these items. MS got plenty of negative feedback, but they just ignored it.

MS still hasn’t gotten rid of the last of the Sinofsky and Ballmer influence.


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