Predictions for W10 (after being right on W8)

I predict MS is going to have to dial back on the auto updates. Drivers always used to be optional updates. Many of us preferred to use the hardware vendor versions or the latest betas. We also had a need to get driver hotfixes, especially as issues with specific games came up.

MS could make driver updates something that require user prompt and really should do it. This lets users check to see if there are problem out in the wild before letting MS install it.

MS will also have to deal with the reality of the corporate world at some point when it comes to updates. My agency runs 24K desktops and a growing number of mobile devices. There is NO WAY our IT department can risk bricking an entire Windows deployment due to a bad patch or driver update.

The nature of a corporate deployment is that you may have thousands of the same make/model of machine. So one bad patch or driver can hinder the ability of thousands of people to get anything done until it is fixed.

Our machines are so locked down I can’t even update Java or delete a desktop icon due to zero admin rights.

Updates are handled in staged installations after being tested by IT.

IT staffs also don’t like things like Live Tiles, as they soak up system resources and may also distract from productivity.

Our IT staff will also not permit MS to have W10 act as spyware for the purpose of trying to target ads. They will likely want to lock down all “phone home” aspects out of concerns over security and loss of productivity.

My predictions are that MS will be forced to do these three things:

1. Make driver updates optional and maybe set all updates as optional.
2. Beef up the ability to opt-out of the “sharing” and create on master “leave me alone” switch.
3. Create a “business version” of W10 that has no sharing and no auto-updates as default settings.

It will also allow the full W7 desktop UI as an option and not ship with Live Tiles as a default. Thousands of users trying to find their stuff and learn a new UI on company time ads up fast.


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