Deus Ex: Human Revolution rocks, but pacifist mode is broken

I love the original Deus Ex and at one point worked in the same building as Ion Storm Austin. The development team picture in the end credits was the plaza of the place. I hoped Deus Ex: Human Revolution would live up to the first game’s greatness after the disappointing Deus Ex: Invisible War.

For the most part, the new game rocks. It gets the feel of Deus Ex right. I love it!

However, there is one flaw that I think cries out for a patch. Sadly, the pacifist mode is broken. I keep trying to do a non-violent play-through, but keep discovering enemies that show up as dead after using stun guns, tranquilizer rifles, or non-lethal takedowns. What is worse is that the initial takedown may show up as non-lethal, but then you come back several saves later to discover them dead.

This is unfair to the player and ruins any chance at the pacifist perk. The game needs to be patched so that if the initial takedown is non-lethal, the enemies cannot be counted as killed.

UPDATE: I am sad to post that the pacifist perk is still broken in the Director’s Cut version of the game. Darn…


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