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Hospitals: Please don’t offer fruit juices to diabetic patients who are already requiring insulin for sugars

July 26, 2014

I had a surgery on Friday. I also have diabetes and had to be off my oral medications prior to it. My sugars were elevated before and after the procedure (not unexpected), so I was given a shot of insulin in the recovery room.

Later I was waiting to be discharged and had to eat a meal of some kind to show I could keep it down. Post-surgery nausea can be common after general anesthesia and with narcotics.

OK, so we have established that (a) we have a diabetic patient with (b) elevated sugars who required (c) insulin to get them down after the procedures.

One would assume that special care would be taken not to offer the patients foods or beverages that were sugary. One would be wrong. The offered meal included a container of Apple juice. They might have well brought a glass of regular coke as the sugar levels are nearly identical!

I had to point out that this really wasn’t a good idea for a diabetic patient who already required insulin. The apple juice would likely have triggered a rapid blood glucose spike and could defeat the purpose of the earlier insulin. The patient shouldn’t be the one pointing it out as contraindicated.

I already was going to get enough run-up via the two slices of bread in the sandwich. I was also offered packages of Honey Graham crackers, which also can pop up sugar levels.

So hospitals, please look at the foods and beverage you are offering diabetic patients with elevated sugars — especially if they are already requiring insulin.


Cancer diagnosis and the hurricane that will follow

July 22, 2014

I had a bothersome mole removed from my neck and it came back as a melanoma. No news on staging yet. That will follow a surgery and lymph node testing. I imagine the next few weeks will contain enough medical encounters to develop an allergy to white lab coats.

I will post snippets of the adventures. Please don’t look for any sort stirring let’s all be strong and fight cancer stuff. If you get diagnosed with a melanoma, you basically face treating it or waiting to let it likely kill you.

So, of course you do what can be done right off the bat to see this freeloader can be sent packing.

The worst thing to me about a mortal risk is that it is hard on the rest of the family. I worry more about them than me. All I have to do is get cut on, poked with needles, have my innards dyed, get bathed in lots of radiation, maybe get to swallow several highly toxic chemicals, and maybe some other things even less enjoyable.

Meanwhile, they get to worry a lot.

The irony is that cancer isn’t the disease I feared the most. The scariest illness to me is Alzheimer’s. Sure, cancer can kill your body (let’s hope it doesn’t!), but hopefully my mind will still hold out whatever happens.

Look for updates as I feel like writing them. My family has a strain of gallows humor running through our DNA which I find comforting now. It is likely from the Irish in me.

We not only laugh at death at times — we put a whoopee cushion in his seat when he isn’t looking.

IE 11 has serious issues with Flash and who knows what else

July 14, 2014

I notice that my local newspaper site takes FOREVER to load if I am trying to look at anything that uses Flash. Basically, it freezes. I know the issue is IE 11 because the same pages load in a flash and run Flash flawlessly with Chrome. I am not that enamored with Chrome, but I am less fond of frozen web pages. I may have to switch default browsers.