Skyrim a great game, lots of fun — and still a bugfest

I am doing an iron-man play-through of Skyrim on legendary difficulty and am now a level 57. While I still love the game a lot, one must conclude it is unlikely to play it through without hitting at least one quest-stopping bug (or maybe a game-breaking one).

On this character I had the first spell cast on my by Brelyna in the Mage College not wear off in that fun little side-quest. You know the quest if you have played the game. After days of running around waiting for the quest to advance, I resorted to a ~ console code to get it to reset. The code is setstage MGRappBrelyna 01 30 if you need it.

Later on I fought some vampires in Whiterun and then went to the Jarl’s palace. As soon as I approached the Jarl in the Dragon’s Reach throne room everyone inside went hostile. A swarm of red dots flooded the mini-map!

I reloaded and tried it again only to encounter the same bloodlust vibe. I did some research and the bug seems to be I may have nicked a guard in the vampire fight — though nobody called out crime or tried to arrest me. To reset I went and stole a cheap item from a vendor stall with a guard watching, was stopped, paid the $5 fine — and now the Jarl and his court are my best buddies again.

UPDATE: I also just had to use a console cheat code to get the quest Arniel’s Endeavor to advance. It hung up again when trying to heat the flawed soul gem in the Dremer Convector. Both times I have tried to play this particular quest it has failed due to bugs.

Again, the game is great and I have approaching 1,400 hours inside it — but I still have to complain about the bugs two years after release.


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