How much spam do you have to wade through as a blogger?

I have 201 posts on the blog so far. How much spam has been directed at these 201 posts? Here is the answer from the admin part of my site:

“Akismet has protected your site from 25,896 spam comments already.”

So, we are at nearly 129 spam comments for each post. Without aggressive spam filters and comment-by-comment moderation, this blog would be useless as far as any sort of back-and-forth with the readers.

Any legitimate comments (there have been 163 of them) would be lost in the dumpster overflow from spammers. For every genuine comment from a real person there have been about 161 pieces of spam generated by bots.

Pretty sad, huh. Spammers are like parasites that will greedily kill the host.

UPDATE: I went in to clean out the spam filter today and there were 22 fake spammer comments for this particular post. Oh, the irony.


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