My second HIS ATI 5970 has also died within two years. Not good!

I bought a brand-new ATI 5970 not long after they came out. It was $699 on Newegg for this beast of a card at the time. I loved the performance (it lived up to the hype), but the longevity is another story (and not a happy one).

Shortly before the two-year warranty ran out, the card started to fail. After about a month of back-and-forth with Lexy-Pacific (the warranty processors for HIS), they located an exact replacement card and shipped it.

However, I am saddened to report that the SECOND card (same model, and and new out of the box) has also failed within two years.

It is also with regret that I report that HIS refuses to stand behind their products and replace it or otherwise offer to make it right.

Two crazy-expensive cards failing within two years is not a good sign. It is compounded by having HIS blow off customer loyalty. There was OBVIOUSLY something wrong with this run of cards, as two of them in a row cratered out following the same failure path.

Other companies who sell high-end equipment, like Asus and EVGA, have been quick to offer to process an RMA for items out of warranty as a courtesy to their buyers. They know that doing so keeps people who may spend thousands of buck a year on computer items happy.

Well, despite pretty good experiences with HIS on other graphics products, I have bought my last HIS card. The replacement card in my personal gaming rig will be an EVGA GTX 780. One factor in my decision is that EVGA treated me right a while back on a top-end graphics card that failed past the warranty period. They are being rewarded with a $500 card purchase now for having been a stand-up company when it came to customer service.


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