Finally, Windows update breaking in XP after a fresh install may be fixed. Here is the solution below:

I spent three late evening dealing with Windows Update failing on clean installs of both XP Pro and XP home on this older Compaq Presario I am restoring. The issue was BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) kept being hosed by one of the updates. I tried darn near everything. I finally found that may be the solution here:

A poster named TheWraith517 offered a handy solution to restore the BITS registry items.

Here is his post (long, but worth it).

-Quoted material starts-

TheWraith517 replied on

OMG lol ive fixed it, gawd how stupid was that : /

i was reading about a Windows vista issue with bits, and a windows 7, both had reg tweek ideas, couldn’t find an XP modification REG file so i made one..

if anyone can’t find BITS in their services and it shows up as this


and your unable to start the service

run this as a .reg file 🙂

reboot afterwards and bits should automaticly now be running

for Windows XP Only….

make a text file, paste the code in below, save it, right click select rename, name as bitfix.reg then right click and merge with registry (make sure no lines have odd characters at the end or spaces

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





TheWraith517 Fighting OS Bugs Since 2000, Dos 6.22 Up To Win7

-Quoted material ends-

Anyhow, I tried it — and the updates that kept failing are now loading.

Sir, I salute you! Oh, and let me plug your blog as a thanks!


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3 Responses to “Finally, Windows update breaking in XP after a fresh install may be fixed. Here is the solution below:”

  1. M Carr Says:

    Your quote from TheWraith517 changed his trailing quotes marks. I do not know if the change would/would not upset Registry patch application.

    Being a cautious fellow, I used TheWraith517’s source code to avoid experimenting with my Windws XP Registry. If it makes no difference, please tell me–I learn new things EVERY day!!!

    For example, from TheWraith517’s source:

    Became, from your copy above:

  2. jamesacooley Says:

    I don’t know the answer to your query, but have posed your comment in full. If anyone out there knows the answer — please feel free to add a comment!

  3. Jeff Scott Says:

    I did as you said above, rebooted, Still have the @%SystemRoot%\system32\qmgr.dll,-1000 in services. Guess, I need to find out why this happened in the 1st place.

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