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Half of my fake “comments” from spammers are now in Chinese

October 30, 2013



Media speculating XP will still be supported after next April

October 27, 2013

I am starting to see media speculation that confirms what I also believe to be the case. Basically, a lot of folks are concluding that Microsoft will not pull the plug on support for XP next April.,24844.html

I think the reality is that XP will likely still be the second most-installed OS in the world next April. If so, it will mean MS will have a hard time pulling the plug on it — especially if such a move leaves millions of user in a lurch.

A lot of older computer and essential peripheral device hardware may either choke on a newer OS (lack of drivers, for example) or be running essential software that requires XP.

Heck, even I still will keep a basic XP machine around just to be able to play some of the older games that flat-out refuse to run under Windows 7. Some of this older software won’t settle for a virtual XP within Windows 7. It wants Windows XP!

I even have a couple of commissions to build Windows 98SE machines for people with even older software and games they wanted to run again.

If MS ditches all support for XP, then a lot of people who bought their products may be hosed — especially if this translates into a lack of security patches and users get infected as a result.

Hopefully MS will realize that the flop of Windows 8 (and the half-baked 8.1) has already generated a lot of ill will. Compounding it further by pulling the plug on an OS that millions of people still use (to include oodles of those essential business customers) is nuts. Yanking support will be (correctly) perceived as MS trying to steamroll users into an new OS at what may be considerable cost (they have to replace still usable equipment) and inconvenience (some of their their software and devices don’t work).

Horrors from the Spam Filter of Terror: Best fake comments lately

October 27, 2013

NOTE: All that follows are real fake comments from spammers snagged by the spam filters. I am not even showing you the ones that now arrive in Chinese! What is scary is that a lot of this stuff would get through on other sites that operate without spam filters and a moderator. Any links to their websites have been deleted. I left in all of the typos and mangled grammar from the originals, to the retching of my site’s spell-checker. The spammers were hawking everything from illegal movie downloads (The Hunger Games, which spammed me twice) to fake designer watches and (I kid you not) medical images. Note how the first spammer is asking me to post my URLs for LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter on the site. I guess he wants to spam those as well. Anyhow, let the horror show begin!


I drop a comment when I like a article onn a site or if I have something too contribute to
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And on this post Finally, Windows update breaking
in XP after a fresh install may be fixed. Here is the solution below: | Jamesacooley’s Blog.
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A clueless spammer post too awful not to post

October 25, 2013

Try to figure out what in the heck this fake comment spam post from a sex-cam site is trying to say:

hi! , I like your current creating a great deal! proportion many of us communicate more to do with the post for America online? I need an authority to the picture in order to resolve this trouble. May be that is certainly anyone! Taking a look to look at you.

More XP fresh installs where Windows Update breaks

October 20, 2013

It happened again last night with a fresh install on a Dell with an XP SP2 disk. After various troubleshooting steps, I finally got it to work.

It is clear that something in one of the various patches to XP is breaking Windows Update. My concern is that Microsoft may be slow to deal with it since this is an operating system on the way out. However, at this time it is still the second most used OS on the planet. If something done on the Microsoft end is hosing fresh installs, then they need to hop on it ASAP.

They also need to get some Fix-it tools that actually work — and redo their existing ones to QUIT SENDING PEOPLE TO A WEB PAGE ANNOUNCING THE BETA PROGRAM IS CLOSED. Seriously, the tool offers to send you online for more help for your unfixed problem, makes you go through entering in a verification code to get to the page — and then takes you to a page where to be told tough luck.


UPDATE: I just did another install of a Dell machine and had no issues. The only things I did differently were to use a freshly downloaded version of SP3 and a full install version of .NET 3.5 SP1 (not the web update version).

So far, so good…

So, maybe MS fixed whatever update was causing the hosing of the entire Windows update system on their end. Or, maybe something needed by .NET 3.5 SP1 wasn’t getting grabbed/installed properly using the web update version. I don’t know. All I can say is that it worked the last time I tried it. Yippee!

Don’t EVER put your real email addresses or phone numbers in a Craigslist ad

October 20, 2013

Please be warned that several sleazy companies sell software that scrapes Craigslist ads for email address and phone numbers. If you give them a working email or phone number, be prepared to get deluged with spam emails, calls, and texts. This is a big business and you can see these scumbags hawking their scraping tools on YouTube. They are quite PROUD of how many thousands of email address and phone numbers they can mine with their tools.

Some of these same slimeballs also sell tools to let people do rogue cancel storms (wipes out your legit ad) and to permit multiple posts of the same item in violation of Craigslist policies.

So, if you value your email address and phone number, never use your real one in an online ad. you will regret it.

Finally, Windows update breaking in XP after a fresh install may be fixed. Here is the solution below:

October 19, 2013

I spent three late evening dealing with Windows Update failing on clean installs of both XP Pro and XP home on this older Compaq Presario I am restoring. The issue was BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) kept being hosed by one of the updates. I tried darn near everything. I finally found that may be the solution here:

A poster named TheWraith517 offered a handy solution to restore the BITS registry items.

Here is his post (long, but worth it).

-Quoted material starts-

TheWraith517 replied on

OMG lol ive fixed it, gawd how stupid was that : /

i was reading about a Windows vista issue with bits, and a windows 7, both had reg tweek ideas, couldn’t find an XP modification REG file so i made one..

if anyone can’t find BITS in their services and it shows up as this


and your unable to start the service

run this as a .reg file 🙂

reboot afterwards and bits should automaticly now be running

for Windows XP Only….

make a text file, paste the code in below, save it, right click select rename, name as bitfix.reg then right click and merge with registry (make sure no lines have odd characters at the end or spaces

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





TheWraith517 Fighting OS Bugs Since 2000, Dos 6.22 Up To Win7

-Quoted material ends-

Anyhow, I tried it — and the updates that kept failing are now loading.

Sir, I salute you! Oh, and let me plug your blog as a thanks!

Forget the number of people who signed up for Obamacare. That isn’t what counts.

October 12, 2013

What matters is whether the newly insured are those whose claims costs will exceed their premiums. For this flawed law to work, there needs to be lots of “young invincible” members in the pool. There is no indication yet that they are signing up. My bet is that the pool is being dominated by older and more ill members. If that turns out to be the case, the thing collapses.