Why the GOP grass-roots likes Cruz

They have had it up to their eyeballs with Republicans who are timid, political insiders who are content to act like a mousy minority even when they are the majority. They are especially fed up with the GOP Geezer-Squad made up of guys like John McCain. These folks would rather knife their own side than get in serious tussle with the Democrat majority. They are content to be tossed scraps.

We have too many ‘Republi-can’ts’ in the GOP. Cruz offers them a vision of Republicans who are Republi-cans. As in, can win. Can do something. Can fight back.

Much like Lincoln was waiting for a Grant (a general who fights), the GOP has been waiting for someone who will get in the face of the insufferable Harry Reid, the wacky Nancy Pelosi, and who isn’t afraid to duke it out (with words) the incompetent Barack Obama.

Cruz is also dead-on right about the show votes and go-along-to-get-along attitude of the GOP fossil brigade. I also hope he helps bring in a new group of GOP consultants and campaign teams who will replace the losers we have running things now. They are in it for the money.

Fortune favors the bold. Cruz saw a power vacuum with a rudderless GOP. He took the initiative. Good for him! Give me someone who is willing to get in there and mix it up.


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