How notebook and PC makers can save the holiday buying season.

Here is what might save them from a repeat of the bloodbath that occurred after the releases (or rather the escape) of Windows 8. The vendors, pretty much all of them, were spanked as potential buyers avoided Windows 8 in droves.

First, they need to go as a group to have a visit to Microsoft’s top brass behind closed (and soundproof) doors. Here need to be the demands:

1. Microsoft needs to IMMEDIATELY make Windows 7 OEM license available to them to offer as an option on any/all machines these vendors wish to sell them on.

2. Microsoft needs to offer full downgrade rights to Windows 7 to anyone who buys a Windows 8 machine. Ideally they would make it retroactive, but a compromise can be to do it for any new machines sold.

3. Microsoft has to agree to an 8.2 release that restores FULL set of Windows 7 features and look. It can be Windows 8 under the hood, but what the user interacts with has to be Windows 7 — unless they choose to have it become the Metro interface.

Another demand that should be tossed on at the end is that the vendors reserve the right to dump touchscreens if they can’t dredge up a market for them outside of phones and tablets.

Microsoft really screwed the OEM manufacturers with this dud of an OS and untold millions of machines were not sold as a result. If Microsoft wishes to stop the bleeding, they will see the wisdom in these demands and agree to them. In the end, they also benefit.

All they have to do is to quit being the arrogant and obstinate Microsoft that gave us Windows Millennium Edition, Bob, Vista, Windows 8, and lots of other stuff that the marketplace gave thumbs down on. They need to admit they goofed up and then make it right.

As an aside, a coworker told me of getting a Windows 8 notebook for his wife. She took one look at it and asked for their older Windows 7 machine. He hates the Windows 8 OS on his brand-new machine and wouldn’t have bought it had he known how awful it was to use. He is VERY interested in downgrading it. If Microsoft would let him arrange a free Windows 7 rollback, then he would be a happy guy.

Are you listening Microsoft? Hint… Hint…


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