All you need to know about the market failure of Windows 8 can be found by looking on Newegg

All version of Windows 8 offered for sale have, at best, a mere three egg rating (out of five) while all versions of Windows 7 have ratings of 4 to 5. These are based on large numbers of user ratings and it is clear the market has spoken. Windows 8 = Suck.

It is being speculated that one user in three of Windows 8 downgrades their machine to Windows 7. That is an amazing statistic since Windows 8 comes as part of the machine and it may cost the user to replace it with Windows 7 (easily another $100). Basically, people are PAYING for the ability NOT to use the NEWEST OS.

Sadly, MS attempts to respond is the inadequate 8.1. They still haven’t learned from this Vista and Windows ME level of failure and need to bleed some more first.

Again, the fix is to ship Windows 8 with a “desktop mode” installation option that looks and works EXACTLY like Windows 7.

Or, they can remain stuck on stupid.


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