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Uryaen Games Kickstarter launch set for August 2nd. Nightmare TCG is the first game.

July 22, 2013

Nightmare™ is a Trading Card Game.

Set in a world of shared nightmares and featuring 13 different Phobias to deploy against your own subconscious and that of your enemies, Nightmare™ will test your ability to remain focused and escape your fears.

Deploy strategy, planning, and a bit of Delusion before you lose your soul forever in an experience that combines the familiar with the never before seen in a compelling new twist on TCG gaming.

See the Official site here:

Watch the Official Trailer in 4K:

Nightmare is a Kickstarter Project, launching August 2nd.

What Makes Nightmare™ Different?

Nightmare™ isn’t your typical cookie cutter clone.

Nightmare™ shares some very fundamental TCG conventions with other games but the core structure and setting is completely unique.

We’re going to explain everything as we go along, but what you’re in for can best be described as “wicked” in every sense of the word.

Nightmare™ will also feature Achievements, DLC, and many more world first features! There’s even a Novel Length Storyline planned! See the FAQ for more on all of this.

Show me a Card!!

You got it . . . Here’s a sample from the wonderfully talented Jeff Miracola. See more of the artists of Nightmare™ here.

About the Game Structure:

There are 121 different game cards. ( with a stretch goal of 242! )

Players design and build a single deck made up of a certain number of cards.

Card Types:

Nightmare™ doesn’t have “spells” and “creatures”, it features Phobias, Entities, Delusions, Doubts, Uncertainties, Guilts, Synaptic Misfires, Paranoia’s, and Entropies.

You can read all about each on the main page, but the structure of the game is very unique.

The Kickstarter Campaign:

Set to launch in August, the campaign will be supported by world famous artists, and shared heavily by top industry producers. We anticipate a successful campaign, but there are B plans even if it doesn’t succeed. The campaign has an extremely aggressive funding goal, 13 levels of rewards, 13 Stretch Goals, a fully transparent budget, world famous artists, a potentially novel length storyline, and much more.

Industry Quotes:

“Having spent years studying the psychology of horror for my Alice games, I might be the closest thing our industry has to an expert on the topic. From this perspective, I can say that NIGHTMARE is one of the best researched, executed and visualized games to explore this theme. There’s a level of detail and understanding here that’s truly terrifying.” – American McGee, Spicy Horse Games

“I have been involved with the trading card industry for 20 years. The cards you are producing for NIGHTMARE are some of the coolest looking TCG cards I have seen in a very long time. While most everything out there is anime, or some sort of castles and dragon medieval make believe, These cards are REAL, the concept is FRESH, and the artwork is FANTASTIC. I am very excited to see a very original product like NIGHTMARE come to life!” – Matt Linderman, PBM Graphics

Gaming and Toy store Quotes:

“We typically do not carry CCG, but after viewing the Nightmare preview, we are going to sign on to retail this exciting new game” – Joel, Big Bad Toy Store


That’s Nightmare in less than 500 words! Excited? You should be. Scared? You better be.

The Official Trailer

Sneak Peak: See the official trailer on YouTube Featuring music by MAURO COLANGELO, and an appearance by Kristy Lennox. See if you can find all of the hidden clues and prepare to face your Nightmare™.

Build a deck full of all the things you fear.

Race to deploy your fears to force yourself to wake up before your opponent uses their own fears to stop you, and claim your soul for their own.
Inflict your own fears on your enemies!

Play Test Nightmare™!

Limited Play Testing is going on now. If you want to test in person, you need to be in Austin, Texas. Otherwise, there will be signups for PDF copies coming soon.

What is the Money Used For?
I’m so glad you asked. Unlike many large scale gaming projects on Kickstarter, Nightmare™ has a FULLY transparent monetary structure, and currently, not one PENNY of the asking price goes toward design, equipment, or personal expenses.
ALL of that is taken care of!

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Read Florida law: George Zimmerman didn’t engage in “stalking” of Travon Martin.

July 11, 2013

I finally couldn’t take all of the references to “stalking” in the George Zimmerman/Travon Martin case from those who clearly have no idea what the term meant in law. I looked up the definition of “stalking” in Florida law when this all started and here is the relevant excerpt: “…a person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows, harasses, or cyberstalks another person commits the offense of stalking…”

Note the word “repeatedly” in the definition. Once is not “repeatedly”. I also note the definitions in the stalking statute relating to the terms “harass” and “course of conduct” also refer to repeated behavior.

Looking at the law, GZ didn’t engage in “stalking” since the law requires an act of following (which must be done “willfully” and “maliciously”) to be committed “repeatedly”. Those who wish to claim that GZ “stalked” TM would be advised to look up the law, since stalking is a crime with a legal definition.


It simply floors me that in all of the months of discussion of this case where the term “stalking” has been tossed around that looking at the law on the topic has been overlooked. It took me maybe three seconds to locate the statutory reference with a simple Internet search.

UPDATE: The verdict is now in and Mr. Zimmerman was acquitted. As such, my take on events was correct and those of the commentators below was not.

Predictions for World of Warcraft and Windows 8

July 10, 2013

I finally got around to seeing if the fall-off in WoW subscriptions that I had predicted to friends for Q1 in 2013 had occurred. It did, in spades.

My prediction that 12 million after Cat was the WoW high water mark is holding. Frankly, I don’t see them getting back to 10 million after losing 1.3 million (15% of their total) subscribers in a single quarter. To put it in perspective, their current 8.3 million subscribers takes them back to below Q1 2007 subscription levels (then 8.5 million).


WoW will still be a legal loot printing press for years, of course. But, all things age out after a while.

It may be that games like DOTA2 are eating into them or maybe fewer people in a tight economy can justify $15 a month with so many free-to-play offerings. Or, maybe modern graphics expectations and a 2005-era RPG experience are catching up with an aging game (that costs $15 a month to play).

I concede the real tale of the tape will be the Q2 numbers. Unless WoW can staunch the bleeding, they could easily drop down to 2006 subscriber numbers. Dropping below 8 million would hurt.

UPDATE: The Q2 numbers who WoW lost another 600,000 subscribers and is at 7.7 million. This takes them down to 2006 levels.

Also kind of fun to see a sort-of-dubious milestone in that Windows 8 has finally overtaken Vista in terms of world-wide users.

“Days after Microsoft released the first preview of Windows 8.1 comes the news that Windows 8 has finally managed to push ahead of its six-year-old pre-predecessor Windows Vista in terms of global market share. According to Net Applications, Windows 8 was used by 5.1 percent of PC users in June 2013, making it the fourth most popular operating system in the world. With 44.4 percent market share, Windows 7 remains the no. 1 operating system in the world, ahead of the well-aged Windows XP and Apple’s Mac OS X.”


It seems the ancient XP (released in 2001!) still has more than seven times the install base (37.2%) than W8. And, as expected, Windows 7 rules the roost at 44.4%. An interesting tidbit is that Windows 7 finally surpassed XP as the world’s most popular OS 11 years (to the exact month) after XP was released.

These kind of number make me think that MS will once again delay pulling the plug on XP support in 2014. There are still too many big users (like my agency) and they have to support us.

I also predict another MS rework of W8, despite their protests to the contrary. MS will invariably bleed some more first (due to the same stubbornness that led to W8 and Vista). But, if Ballmer wants to keep his job (after the head of the Windows division lost his), MS will finally build a version that fully emulates the relatively user-friendly W7 desktop.

They also will need to seriously consider dropping the price (a lot). W8 is not a premium product after that disastrous launch and it needs to be priced accordingly.

Oh, and is a fun site with free access for registering.

Yet another scammer using Yahoo. Why? Because Yahoo blows off spam complaints!

July 4, 2013

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