Samsung Gusto II flip phone is fatally flawed in its design. Verizon: Please dump it!

We are switching phone carriers and were going to go with the Verizon and their Samsung Gusto II flip phones. That decision lasted until I tried to actually use one.

It has a fatal design flaw that is so bad that I simply cannot overlook it. It is too frustrating. All three phones are going back, with two of them still in the boxes.

These phones come with a camera (bad enough) but Samsung then put the button to operate in right on the rights side of the flip. When you hold the phone, your finders naturally rest right on the button. So, the camera gets turned on constantly.

Did Samsung have ANYBODY user test this thing? What is also sad is that none of the reviews I read noted this glaring usability flaw. Yet, when we called Verizon to see if there was any way to disable the side button, their tech support acknowledged that it was awful placement. It also cannot be disabled.

On a side note, while it isn’t perfect, the Nokia 1661 unlocked phone I had was close to the perfect basic phone. It had some useless features, like a pitifully underpowered flashlight (I don’t need a light) and an FM radio (only worked with a headset plugged in). I also cannot see the practicality of things like a spreadsheet function on a tiny screened phone.

On the plus side, it was small, light, and generally feature-creep free.

Sadly, the choices on Verizon phones to enable the plan swap don’t have anything basic available. The phone my wife got (can’t stand flips) has a slide-out keyboard — but none of our phones have text in the plans. Indeed, we have receiving text messages blocked. So, the keyboard is useless and adds size and weight to the phone.

All we want is a basic phone that makes calls. Period. It needs to be feather-weight, small, durable, and have a good battery life.

We won’t text on it. We won’t take pictures on it. We won’t play games on it. We want use it for ANYTHING except making calls. Yet, if we use Verizon, we are stuck with Swiss Army knife phones that degrade simple phone functionality to cram in extra crap.

Verizon will likely still get our business as their rate plan is the best of those we checked on four lines of service.

However, it sucks that the option of a boring phone that works like my older Nokia models is not available. My wife’s Nokia 2330 was not perfect, but it was a phone that worked well as a phone. My stopgap Nokia 1661 is a decent phone where the new Verizon option will be lesser replacement.

In our amazing world of tech, why can’t we pick the phones we want AND the carriers we want? Why do I have to dump my preferred Nokia to get a Samsung I don’t like?

Oh, and in case AT&T scans social media looking for feedback, let me state again that their billing tactics SUCK!


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2 Responses to “Samsung Gusto II flip phone is fatally flawed in its design. Verizon: Please dump it!”

  1. Stanley Karter Says:

    I too have been frustrated by that one “feature” on the otherwise fairly satisfactory Gusto phone. Worst is when I’m calling a number that requires further key inputs to navigate a menu, and the camera button gets pressed, disallowing key tones, and I cannot proceed and have to hang up and call again. The camera button is on a rocker switch with the speakerphone activation on the other end. I carefully dabbed superglue with a jewelers screwdriver onto the crack around the camera side of the rocker switch and let it seep into the crack. So far, this has immobilized the camera button from working and still lets the speakerphone work. (It is still possible to use the camera from the phone’s menus.) Now if the Gusto only had clearer audio fidelity, it would be perfect!

    • Danielle Says:

      Hi, I also hate the right side key (I don’t need speaker or camera accessible from there). I will try disabling them with superglue. Thanks!

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