All about my fake Facebook Page: Joe BlowtheMidget

This disclaimer is from my shameless faked Facebook page called Joe BlowtheMidget:

This is a fake Facebook page. This is a fake name (old Blondie reference). The birthday is false. Everything about it is fake, other than the statement that Timeline Sucks. That is true. The rest is as false as the latest Obama campaign ad (any of them).

If you want to alert the Facebook Police, feel free to do so. I am shamelessly violating their TOS. But, I am also not hiding it. Indeed, they can read all about it on Facebook.

Oh, and they can also read that Timeline Sucks.

This page exists for the sole purpose of viewing other Facebook pages without being deluged with “friend” requests, tagged photos, inane posts, ads, and general crap that comes with Facebook. I don’t care what you had for lunch or just listened to on the radio. You likely don’t care what I ate for breakfast or the story I thought was cool on Drudge. The latest blurry pics from a mobile phone of your cute cat also mean nothing to me. Ditto (in hindsight) for the junk I also used to post. Yes, I was also guilty of excessive “Facebook Crap” until I realized nobody read it (not even me).

This is a Facebook page for people who simply want to be left alone. it is “Unsocial Media” at its finest.

If you stumble across it, don’t bother trying to “friend” me. I won’t approve it. If you simply must do something, I can accept “likes”. Though, anyone who honestly LIKES this page must be a misanthrope.

NOTE: I got tired of this fake page and did a couple of more since. The latest is for Zark Muckerberg..  I also have a fake LinkedIn account, a fake Google?YouTube account, etc. All of them contain enough obvious red-flags to “fakiness” that any screen should catch them. None do.


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