Four years of blogging and 13,707 spammer “comments. Scary, huh.

I thought this little stat from the spam protection that runs in the background on this blog might be of interest. I have had this blog for four years this month. In that time spammers have tried to post 13,707 fake comments to it.

Thinks about that for a second and try to imagine what this blog would be like if it didn’t operate with both automatic spam filtering and active moderation of comments. The comments section would be wholly useless, with any legitimate feedback buried under a mountain of ‘bot-generated spam.

Now think about this monstrous load of evaded spam and how every other blog is facing a similar bombardment.

There is a cost to all of this unwanted junk and it is shared by every legitimate user of the Internet.

The irony is that this post will draw multiple fake comments from spammers, as my posts on spam seem to be one of their favorite targets.


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One Response to “Four years of blogging and 13,707 spammer “comments. Scary, huh.”

  1. davidkunhee Says:

    wow congrats.
    i just started and hopefully I can go 4 years.

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