FIXED (used AMD 13.3 beta driver): I paid $80 for Bioshock Infinite and the DLC didn’t run without crashing my whole computer.

I paid $80 for a game and DLC that wouldn’t run five minutes upon release without freezing/crashing so hard that I have to reboot. I had the latest standard drivers and spent the night scouring the Internet trying to find fixes. I am even tried editing .ini files to try fixes that had worked for others, but not resolving the problem.

This is what REALLY sucks about PC gaming. The game looks amazing and the reviews are stellar. However, what good is it if it won’t run on what is still high-end hardware.

Rage was launched broken on the day of release (at least the fix was just changing a Catalyst driver setting). My grandson is bugging me to get SimCity, but the broken launch has scared me away (as did the mediocre reviewer meta-scores). Ken Levine is as sharp of a game guy as can be found, yet the grandson and I will be playing other games until some combo of driver upgrades, patches, tweaks, and prayers get this game to run.

Name any other area of consumer goods where the buying public gets screwed as much as PC gaming. Why do we accept it?

UPDATE 1: I am trying the AMD 13.3 beta drivers (I have an AMD HD 5970) and this time I managed to test the game for a few minutes with no crashes. I cannot declare victory, but it offers a ray of hope. Still, one shouldn’t have to resort to beta “as-is” drivers to get a game to function.

UPDATE 2: The grandson played the game for an extended session after school and indicated it was stable. We shall declare it tentatively fixed with the 13.3 beta.


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