Skyrim getting on my nerves with the #@$# bugs and quirks

OK, so I fired up Skyrim again to play the Dragonborn DLC. I took my level 66 character into Whiterun with Serana from the Dawnguard DLC in tow. She has become my favorite companion in the game.

Anyhow I was attacked by some cultists in the town after leaving my home, which was supposed to happen to start the new DLC quest. OK, so far so good.

Then Serana and the city guards started dueling in the street (with the guards being slaughtered). Great… One of the guards must have caught a stray blow or spell. Hey, maybe it was an arrow in the knee?

So, not wanting to murder every guard in Whiterun, I went outside the town and waited a few hours.

I went back in to sell off loot and everyone seemed to like me again. Or so I thought until I hit Dragonsreach Castle. I went inside to sell some magic items to the court wizard — and was promptly attacked by the entire assembled court. Serana was laying waste to them again, but I decided I had seen enough friendly-fire bloodshed for one day of what were SUPPOSED TO BE peaceful NPCs and left town.

The ability to have NPCs turn hostile has been a generally fun part of the Elder Scrolls games. However, in Skyrim, the NPCs are so hair-triggered that the fun is lost.

C’mon Bethesda, stop cranking out DLC for a bit and tweak the game.


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