Windows 8 starting to get panned on Newegg

Even the 5 egg reviews hit on it you read the comments.


Cons: I still can’t believe they removed the start button. Worst idea ever. I paid Stardock $5 for their Start8 program to have a windows 7 start button with the setup.

Windows 8 reminds me of Facebook’s privacy settings. They really want to help big brother know everything you do, everywhere you go, everything you say and everything you share. Turn it all OFF.

Gadgets are gone which makes me sad. I still need to find a 3rd party program to run gadgets.


Cons: The new start menu is not designed for traditional desktops, But just because Microsoft wanted a change I will not give them a bad rating, although I do hope they understand how many people including myself they have upset.

On the other hand, Windows 7 shows either 4 or 5 eggs for each version.

I had seriously thought about giving it a try, but it is starting to look kind of “Vista-ish” at this stage.

As an aside, the Newegg counter can be wrong it appears. Here is a 4 egg rating for one of the versions of 8:

Yet there were only two reviews, one at 3 and the other at 1. This averages out to 2.

This thing looks like kind of a dud. At the least, I will wait until the first service pack and mature mods/tweak tools.


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