Grumble: I have had to start playing WoW again, despite not even liking the game.

There is a delicious irony afoot: I am not a WoW fan-boy, as readers of this blog know. Yet, I must now have the game – and play it – since it is the game customers are commissioning systems to play lately!

I have to be able to benchmark builds to various settings and play conditions, like how a build handles a large crowded city (Ogrimmar, I think). I may even have to (NOOOOOOO!!!!) see how a build does on a raid or some other nonsense.

I have played more WoW the last few weeks than I ever did when I owned the game. It has all been Starter Edition stuff, but I may have to eventually suck it up and do more.

The sad part is that I still don’t care for the game. Grind-tastic and looks cheesy. But, if someone wants a rig to play it, then I might as well get the gig.


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