Linux security defaults are a bigger pain in the butt than Vista and UAC

I tossed together some old hardware and popped Debian on it. It works, but I am getting annoyed with the constant password prompts. It even wants a password to check for updates and to adjust the time. Even Vista and the first-generation UAC security features wasn’t so paranoid that it wouldn’t let me check for updates or adjust the time without confirming it was me. Debian made me log in after the computer sat idle, log in again to check for updates, and then log-in ONCE MORE to adjust the desktop clock. That was three log-ins in about three minutes.

I declined to set a root password at start-up to avoid another round of log-ins. I also had to reload it all after it apparently FORGOT my password and kept refusing to let me log-in. True security was in place, as the system refused to let ANY USERS in. No users, no risk…

Yo, Linux Community: How about you reset some of the paranoid security defaults? Checking for software updates of YOUR SOFTWARE at YOUR SITES and changing the clock settings should be allowable as defaults.


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