www.indiegogo.com tried to overcharge me on contributions twice now. Scary!

A friend of mine has a small project on www.indiegogo.com and I tried to send him a few bucks today. It has been a comedy of errors and scared me off the site.

First, any time I tried to pay with PayPal (a listed option) I got a technical error page.

The email I got from them when joining the site had a broken link in it for editing personal profiles.

However, what is scary is that the site has twice tried to overcharge me. Once I put in $75 and it tried to make it $100. Then I decided to test it with $5 — and it turned into $75 at the final confirmation window!

Had I not looked carefully my debit account would have been popped for 15 times what I intended.

Sorry, but that is TWICE NOW that Indiegogo.com has tried to overcharge me and pull more out of my account than I indicated as a contribution. TWICE!!!

I have never had anything like this happen at any other site with an electronic financial transaction. It has never happened at www.kickstarter.com. As a result, I simply cannot trust Indiegogo with my financial information.

As it is I will need to monitor my debit account to make sure they aren’t deducting for transactions I never gave final confirmation on.

I have told the friend to let www.indiegogo.com know they have caused at least one contributor to bail due to repeated problems with the site.

This is serious stuff.

UPDATE: To their credit, Indidiegogo.com and I have been swapping support emails as they try to run down what happened.


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