Deleted World of Warcraft. What a waste of money…

Finally got around to deleting World of Warcraft tonight. Gone. I went back into the game and spent a few minutes looking around after giving up on it months ago during my first few days of playing. Same static NPCs and non-interactive world, crappy character models, blah scenery, whack-a-mole combat, and boredom that set in rapidly.

My only regret is that I bought it in the first place, even on sale for half-off. I bought into the hype. It wore off once I actually played the game and felt buyer’s remorse.

I found something tonight in an old email from months ago when I griped about WoW to a rabid fan:

“When I was running around WoW I didn’t get the idea that anybody was paying any attention to me. I was just another low-level player wearing a cow suit killing rats and delivering widgets.”

The charm of “social” games are lost on me. Paying money to grind away is lost on me. Dropping the price of a modern AAA game every four months to look at 2006-era graphics and frozen-in-time game-play is lost on me.

I just don’t “get” WoW. What I “got” I didn’t like. It is gone. Good riddance!

Can I handle the shame of such gaming heresy? Should I risk confession of being a blasphemer of the sacred WoW.

Sure. It was just a game.

UPDATE: Sadly, I have had to reinstall it because I keep getting commissions to build WoW PCs for people. So, I have to be able to benchmark them.


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