No crime involved in Whitney Houston death? How about the cocaine on the counter!

The newspaper headlines read: “Police say no crime occurred in Houston’s death”

Uh, so cocaine is now legal? Does whoever sold sold it to Ms. Houston face any legal worries over their contribution to her untimely demise? How about all of the people who supplied her illegal drugs over what appears to have been several years of high-profile abuse? Each sale or gift of nose candy to her was a crime. The woman was a known addict — and yet people close to Ms. Houston still supplied a poison that ultimately took her life.

This may be yet another case where the identity of the suppliers of a fatal overdose to a celebrity will remain a mystery. Surely it can’t be that hard to track down the suppliers of illegal chems to one of the highest profile people on the planet? So, why isn’t it done? It looks like Hollywood has no stomach to crack down on illegal drug suppliers to the stars. How cocaine got to Ms. Houston that night (and all those nights before) may remain a mystery of little interest to solve in Big Entertainment Land.

Sadly, Ms. Houston wasn’t the first entertainer to die after years of very public addiction — with no apparent problems at all in getting supplied — and she will not be the last. The party will go on…


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