Massive uptick in spam sent via Yahoo accounts — and their Abuse reporting procedures are a joke.

Almost all of the spam I get now on my home office email is coming from Yahoo accounts (I check the headers routing info) and I have tried forwarding them to Yahoo abuse. However, now they want each to be reported on their website. The trouble is that the process for reporting spam takes multiple interactions with several pages and requires quite a lot of data input and time. It looks like the classic non-assistance approach of creating so many hoops to jump through that the person filing a complaint simply gives up and goes away. Yahoo can claim they have a process for dealing with abuse coming from their accounts, but in practical terms, they really don’t because it is so difficult to find and use.

It is Yahoo’s way of basically saying: “Shut up and eat your spam.”


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3 Responses to “Massive uptick in spam sent via Yahoo accounts — and their Abuse reporting procedures are a joke.”

  1. Starlight Says:

    You could use to report Yahoo UCE more quickly, but this is futile. The problem is that Yahoo, is as you say, a joke. I’ve taken to hard-bouncing all,,, etc. email except for the handful of people I know who have such accounts, and I actively encourage them do dump the loser webmail providers and switch to GMail. Google is serious about spam prevention.

  2. jamesacooley Says:

    I may try the Spamcop approach. What drives me nuts is that it appears to be be the same spammer who sends out sometimes multiple spams a day — and has done so for several weeks now. The longstanding nature of the spam from the same spammer is simply unforgivable. They are showing they really don’t care that people abuse their networks.

  3. DannyK Says:

    Google is serious about spam? They don’t act on reports of spam being sent from gmail accounts apparently or spammers using

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