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Massive uptick in spam sent via Yahoo accounts — and their Abuse reporting procedures are a joke.

March 19, 2012

Almost all of the spam I get now on my home office email is coming from Yahoo accounts (I check the headers routing info) and I have tried forwarding them to Yahoo abuse. However, now they want each to be reported on their website. The trouble is that the process for reporting spam takes multiple interactions with several pages and requires quite a lot of data input and time. It looks like the classic non-assistance approach of creating so many hoops to jump through that the person filing a complaint simply gives up and goes away. Yahoo can claim they have a process for dealing with abuse coming from their accounts, but in practical terms, they really don’t because it is so difficult to find and use.

It is Yahoo’s way of basically saying: “Shut up and eat your spam.”


I love Skyrim, but the bugs are getting ridiculous

March 18, 2012

An open letter to Bethesda:

Skyrim rocks, but the sheer number of bugs I am encountering for a game that has been out for months and patched repeatedly is really terrible. Last night I ran into a bug in the Companion quest line that would have stopped all progress. I had to look up a console code to allow the Dragon Seekers quest line to finish after I killed a dragon and the quest never updated. I then had to do it again when another Dragon Seekers quest led to a quest marker where there was no dragon to fight (I had killed it earlier). The quest line appears to be broken if you have encountered the dragons at various locations earlier in the game.

Oh, and the console cheat code to let you finish the broken quest is setstage CR14 20. I memorized it since I figured I will be using it again.

I add that this isn’t the first time I have had to resort of console codes or other work-rounds to let other quests continue. My current husband in the game was a character I had to use a console cheat on to get out of a cave he was stuck in (it was a quest to rescue him). I then had to use another cheat code to let me end the quest, since the game wouldn’t update it properly. So one minor side-quest took two cheat codes to complete due to bugs.

Sorry, but I believe that no gamer should EVER have to use console codes to simply be able to play a game they bought. Never.

My current quest log shows what appear to be seven different quests logged as still active when I am pretty sure I am done with them. They are not being moved to finished status. I finally just turned them off as active quests to get rid of the map quest markers.

It is also embarrassing that fan-built patches are fixing bugs before Bethesda gets around to them. The infamous Esbern door bug fix was first released by a fan. There was a glaring texture missing for chopping blocks — and a fan on Steamworks posted a fix before Bethesda.

When people drop $60 on a game, they should expect a finished product. It should be playable. Bugs discovered post-launch that stop quests dead in their tracks shouldn’t abound. Players shouldn’t have to play the game with handy bookmarks in place for cheat codes to enable them to work past multiple broken quests. No-brainers like missing textures should be fixed long before fans before have to do it after waiting on the developer.

Again, I love the game — but it is starting to remind me of the bug-fest that was Fallout: New Vegas (great game marred by all the glitches). I will gladly wait a few more months for a game to hit the streets if it means it works right.

On the lighter side, I now have seven clones of the NPC Louis Letrush standing outside the stables by Whiterun — even though I have TWICE encountered him being killed by Maven’s hired thugs. The screenshots are hilarious, but bugs like these are clearly immersion-breaking.

A sample of the junk that spammer post as fake “comments” to the blog

March 16, 2012

“Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post once again soon. I don’t feel I could have put it far better myself. 875926”

OK, so how many of you end a compliment with a string of numbers to try to evade spam filters? Yeah, the comment was obviously fake without the numbers at the end, but at least TRY to appear legit.

Another one had as their sole comment the following: “MAKE MONEY FAST ONLINE!”

Gee, could that be a spammer’s comment?

This is a moderated blog with aggressive spam filters and 100% of comments are approved by the blogger before publication. It is a pointless waste of spammer time to keep submitting bogus comments. Yet, whoever said spammers were smart?

AMD hands me nice new CPU. I owe them some public thanks.

March 14, 2012

I was at the SXSW Screenburn Arcade on Sunday in Austin and visited the AMD booth. I mentioned that I did system builds and often used AMD stuff in them. Their rep reached over and casually handed me an A6 3670K Black Edition (Socket FM1) in a sealed retail box and told me to try in in the next build. Since this CPU retails on Newegg for $109, I figure AMD is due some love.

AMD: Please FEEL the love!

Once I get it in a build, I will try to post some benchmarks.