Astrid from Skyrim, bad girl supreme, shares name with basso nova singer

It is interesting that they used the name Astrid for the female leader of the infamous Dark Brotherhood, as music fans may know the name well.

Astrud Gilberto was the singer of the 1964 basso nova hit The Girl from Ipanema, of fond favorite from when I was a kid. Astrud is a variant of the name Astrid.

It is also kind of funny that Astrud Gilberto herself is from Brazil, while her name has old Norse roots:

Brazil is kind of far from the traditional Viking stomping grounds.

I have to wonder if someone from Bethesda was a fan of the singer and slipped her name in as a character, though deploying the original old Norse spelling. Or maybe it is just coincidence.

Now, there was another notable Astrid in history, a queen who had a tragic end:

My interactions with Astrid in the game were short.

MINOR SPOILERS FOLLOW: We got off to kind of a bad start (prior DB assassination attempts, kidnapping, and threats) and things went downhill from there. By “downhill”, I refer to my character declining her “offer” to join the Dark Brotherhood by way of a volley of arrows.

However, I must admit that Astrid had an eye for talent and an appreciation for technique. As she fell rather quickly to my monstrously overpowered Daedric bow, her final words were, “Well done.”


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