Barbas the Dog in Skyrim may be the most annoying companion in the history of PC gaming

OK, he is a good immortal companion to have when you need to fight stuff. But, he barks constantly, gets in the way all the time, can actually PUSH YOU AROUND when he crowds you, and is always underfoot. He blocks doorways, hallways, dark cave corridors, whatever! Memo to Bethesda: The companions block progress all the time and Barbas is the worst of the bunch. Please reprogram their AI to maintain a certain physical separation from the player. And, while you are at it, make it to where Barbas cannot actually shove the player around. Oh, and also make him not bark constantly — especially when you are in stealth mode.


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9 Responses to “Barbas the Dog in Skyrim may be the most annoying companion in the history of PC gaming”

  1. jamesacooley Says:

    I have discovered that Barbas is essential if you want to try an Ironman Mode play-through where the player is not allowed to die. He is an aggro magnet for enemies and they will ignore you in their attempts to kill your immortal companion.

  2. xpurplexrainx Says:

    I play on xbox idk if it makes a difference on this topic but i have a theory that barbas is supposed to be as annpoying and in the way as he is, he is a Deadric creation and just listen to his voice, ew lol. I have been in public places where for no reason apparently it seemed, people were telling me “you need to leave” “leave now”…i realized after repositioning myself above them that they were looking at and talking to..barbas? he is evil lol. he is constantly pushing. Hard. He completely blocks me in places, prevents me from entering places, cant say “wait here” to him, barks, attacks everything on sight, the lsit goes on lol. but he is invincible, awesome at distracting dragons and larger animals, is fearless and kills humans quickly..lots of things are taken down on sight with a leap and a bite. he will sit in front of a dragons jaws and just keep on going no problem while it snaps pointlessly at him and breathes on him without him giving a shit, and i jsut send arrows into it till its down which happens quickly with barbas, and he doesnt actually count as your companion so he is a third member to the party if u do have a companion..i see someoen has already said alot of these things and i agree with u, i never post on message boards except for one occassionally but i mostly read, i am a makeup artist so it is about my profession so i read alot of opinions from other professionals, but this caught me bc i have needed to vent about this for so long conclude, barbas has pros and cons, mainly annoying as hell yet invincible, and is evil. that is all lol

  3. Rinny Says:

    (this is WAY late but I’m playing this through for a second time)
    Yeah, I’ve never commented on anything ever about this game, but I just HAD to look up whether I’m just the one crazy person where the dog is driving me insane. I’m a complete animal lover and always want to play characters involving animals so I was really excited to get him, but he won’t stop barking and literally just shoved into me until I fell off a mountain. WTF? I mean, someone must have done this on purpose. I’m envisioning the developers sitting around a table laughing at all the fools who took this dog in.

    • jamesacooley Says:

      There is a mod called “Back Off Barbas” that gets him to not be quite so annoying. I admit to installing it. If you have the PC version of the game through Steam, it is easy to subscribe to this particular mod.

  4. sejgalloway Says:

    I googled “barbas dog annoying” make sure it wasn’t just me

  5. Bahamutz Says:

    I googled Skyrim: Barbas is annoying. and this is what I got. Couldn’t agree more, he is awesome in the fact he can’t die. But he just blocks you every chance he gets and pushes you around and ruins your sneaking -_-

    • jamesacooley Says:

      There is a mod called Back Off Barbas that helps make him behave. It is on Steam if that is where you got the game.

  6. Chunk Basker Says:

    Barbas is the single best companion you can grab. Basically because hes indestructible and allows you to carry another companion with you. Ya he may be annoying at times, but watch that beast tank and laugh as you swing your big ass sword without fear of counter attacks.

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