True and scary story

I was overdue for routine lab work and was about to get stuck by a tech. She asked my birth date, which I gave and then mentioned that I am one of the small group of Americans who were born when we had 49 states. I was delivered in the brief windows after Alaska and before Hawaii.

She looked at me and commented, “Yeah, we have like 52 of them now.”

Have we REALLY reached a point in America where someone apparently in their 20’s – who works in the medical industry – is so POORLY EDUCATED in basic civics that they can’t even tell you HOW MANY STATES WE HAVE IN OUR NATION?

Yes, I am afraid we have indeed done so. She wasn’t trying to be funny. I am afraid she really didn’t know.

Now ponder that this clue-deficient person gets to vote in a presidential election. That is the part that is scary.


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