Quick review of the Rosewill RNX-N180UBE Wireless Adapter

I have a problem where the master bedroom in our home is sort of a wireless Internet dead zone. We have a 23″ HDTV in there hooked up to Blu-ray player and wanted to also stream Netflix and other video. I hooked up my Acer Aspire One to the TV to do this, but discovered the terrible wireless connection made streaming (or even web surfing) impractical.

Something had to be done! The family wanted YouTube and Netflix available in the back bedroom!

Then I saw this antenna offered for $19.99 with free shipping on Newegg and the reviews were positive:


So, did it work? Drum-roll please! Let the tension build!

Yeah. It does. I installed the drivers (it has them for Windows 7 64 bit), hooked it up, logged into the secure wireless network — and the signal strength promptly jumped. I fired up Netflix and the grandson is now watching cartoons on it.

The knowledge that I can fix the wireless black hole in the back bedrooms means I can go forward with a compact media center build I was considering. There was no point in doing it unless I could get a boosted signal.

So, bottom line, Rosewill has a $20 piece of hardware (while on sale) that did what it was supposed to do just fine. It like it enough that I will likely get another one for the grandson’s gaming rig for online gaming.

For a mere $20 (it is still on sale) it is an option for others plagued with wireless Internet dead zone problems. Maybe I am just tickled that something made for a computer worked as advertised right out of the box. Please let this become a trend!


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