Wierd bug in Skyrim and the fix: missing right mouse button.

This may be a one-of-a-kind bug that was rooted in an an unplanned shutdown while in the game. Basically, the game “forgot” I had a right mouse button. All commands that you could do with a right mouse button were gone, from blocking to casting with the left hand. After much rooting around, I concluded that whatever the game used to document key re-mappings had been corrupted somehow. I search the Skyrim folders and found a file that had been modified that day called: ControlMap_Custom.txt and deleted it. When I reload the game I was back to the default keyboard/mouse mappings. I was then able to enter in my few keyboard changes to favor my preferred keys for crouching and sprinting.

So, if you get something REALLY strange going on with your keyboard/mouse configs, it is something to try. For safety, you can always simply move the suspect file to another folder or rename it instead of deleting it.

Again, it is likely that the unplanned shutdown of the gaming rig is the root of the corrupted file.


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2 Responses to “Wierd bug in Skyrim and the fix: missing right mouse button.”

  1. jamesacooley Says:

    Apparently the bug isn’t quite as rare as I thought, as it happened again. The fix, once more, was to delete the one custom mappings file and then reset everything after the defaults loaded.

  2. Niv Loewenberg Says:

    Oh my god thank you! In using mostly duel blades, and I couldn’t use my Ebony and Deadric combination I used for a couple of days, after I worked so hard on getting them. At first I thought my sword is bugged out, and was like man… That took me ages to get… But I couldn’t assign a shield to my left hand, and that really sucked. Any way, thanks a lot mate!

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