Something to be changed in Skyrim to prevent inventory bloat via weighted quest items

I was in a cavern on the fairly far eastern end of the map and found a lute. It had a name, something like Finn’s Lute and I picked it up. It weighed four pounds and I soon I discovered I couldn’t get rid of it. It was a quest item. What quest? Who knows!

I ended up looking it up to see what I had to do to get this useless weight OUT OF MY INVENTORY. It seems I have to go all the way to the Bard’s College, find a specific NPC, and apparently do some other quest beforehand to trigger the dialog tree where they mention they are sad. The reason for their sadness? They are missing a beloved loot which was taken by bandits and hidden in a cave.

I could quite easily have been carrying this bit of inventory around almost the entire game.

QUEST ITEMS NEED TO BE WEIGHTLESS! If I can’t get rid of it and the game WON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO WITH IT, then don’t penalize me for grabbing a bit of what looks like harmless loot. Oblivion had weightless quest items and it just makes sense.

Nor is that the worst example. The Dragon Stone recovered in the in the first main quest mission weighs 25 pounds. It looks like you could pick it up before you get the quest to fetch it if you do the recover the Golden Claw quest right away. If so, that is a lot of inventory sucked up by a quest item – especially if it is a mystery to the player regarding where it is supposed to go.


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2 Responses to “Something to be changed in Skyrim to prevent inventory bloat via weighted quest items”

  1. TheSegaDude Says:

    I also have this lute… To the Bard’s College!!!

    I’m a bit torn when it comes to lute… I mean loot… I want it all but at the same time is seem silly that you can actually carry all this stuff. But I don’t know how this could be changed without killing all that looting fun.

  2. jamesacooley Says:

    Yeah, I also need to get over to the Bard’s College. My problem is that I like to completely clear an area before moving onto the next one. When I travel, I hit each potential stop on the road. I also am nutty about trying to sell every bit of loot. I sweep areas clean and make several trips until NOTHING is left that might fetch a Septim or two. It will take me forever to play this game. Worse, I tend to start over with new character builds a lot.

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