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AMD Overdrive tool nearly killed my gaming rig

November 25, 2011

As soon as it was installed I got a BSOD. Then it would BSOD on every boot attempt. It also refused to go into Safe Mode. Thank goodness for Windows 7 System Restore, which took it back to just before this piece of PC suicide-ware was installed. Be VERY careful before trying this tool unless you like looking at a blue screen and an infinite reboot loop.


To the spammers: You are wasting your time. This is a MODERATED blog.

November 10, 2011

This is a moderated blog with spam filters. The spamming comments you post are deleted before being posted. You are wasting your time. Also, I am about to start filing complaints with the ISPs that host your websites.

So, let’s see how long we go before some $@#% spammer tries to post a spam comment to this warning about how spammers are deleted.

Possible fix for Fallout New Vegas Old World Blues Sink merchant bug

November 4, 2011

This is what I tried that seems to have restored the proper buying and selling merchant functionality for the Old World Blues DLC from Fallout New Vegas. The bug causes you to not be paid for items you sell to the robotic merchant in the Sink area. Alternately, you may be severely underpaid.

Here is the link to the file:

Download it, extract it, and then follow the installation instructions in the readme to copy it into your Fallout New Vegas data file.

Assuming you are using Steam, here is the folder location: Steam/SteamApps/common/fallout new vegas/data

The file you will be copying in (there is only one file) is named OWBSinkVendorFix.esp

After you have copied the file to the proper location, bring up the game launcher and check off the data file in the Main Menu (just like you would do for new DLC. Now, start the game, leave the Sink, wait four days somewhere else to cause a merchant restock, and then return. Bring food and water if you are planning on waiting while in hard core mode. You can also find a place to sleep.

Upon your return, the merchant function should be working properly. Or, at least it did for me MOST OF THE TIME.

Sadly, the bug would come back. I could, however, repeat the leave the area for four days trick and be able to trade once I came back. I would try to sell everything at once, as I wouldn’t know when the transactions would start screwing up again.

The instructions don’t have anything about leaving the area, waiting the four days, and then returning, but that is what I had to do to get the fix to kick in the first time and a couple of times later.

Who knows, maybe the fix isn’t doing me any good and it is the forced reset of the merchant by four in-game days away that is clearing things up? Who knows…

Thanks and credit go to the author of the patch, which was posted by Konork. Salute!

Folks may wish to try the wait four days approach to see if they can use that as a workaround before doing the patch.

Again, it is such a sad commentary on the gaming industry that players have to play Internet Detective and track down fan-built patches – for a game that has been out for a year and had four DLC releases! This is well-known bug that can render the DLC almost unplayable and Obsidian should patch it. NOW!

Here is the full text of the readme file for reference:

Changes the vendor container to a new one placed in NVVendorChestsCell, like all the other working vendors in the game, rather than a container in the same cell as the vendor, which prevents the vendor’s inventory from refreshing. Also goes through and changes scripts to point to the new container instead of the old one or, in the case of a cap adding script, the CIU’s inventory

Installation Instructions
Drop the esp file in your Steam/SteamApps/common/fallout new vegas/data folder
Warning: If the vendor has any items you want to keep, get them back before installing

Uninstallation Instructions
Just delete the esp file. Nothing else

Version Info
1.0 – Initial Release
1.1 – Changes cap-adding script to also remove caps if vendor caps goes above 30000

Future Plans
Modifiying the script used to handle the mods that can be sold to add other OWB weapons to the vendor