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I decided that Twitter was silly and dropped it. Also quit LinkedIn and am letting Facebook lapse.

October 24, 2011

It was “tweets by twits” and I discovered that I never actually read anything that anyone posted. I also concluded that most likely nobody ever actually read anything from me. It is the illusion of social media, with almost no actual social interaction. It will likely be the next MySpace to crash and burn once the novelty wears off. It really isn’t good for that much when you get right down to it.

You can’t possibly keep up with everyone you end up “following” and the reality is that most of what people do in their daily lives is just not that interesting.

LinkedIn became a pain and also seemed to be pretty useless. So, it was also dropped. The final straw was when people I have never heard of wanted to link with me. Then I kept getting repeated reminders that I had outstanding invites. If I don’t accept it right away — it is because I am IGNORING you because I either don’t know you or worse, I do know you and DO NOT want to be associated with you in any way.

Facebook is being deleted, but they make you wait 14 days before it is gone for good. Huh?

I plan to open another page once it is gone and will have far fewer “friends”, forbid it to email me, and try to weed out all the extra junk I don’t care about at all. The only reason I plan on keeping it at all is that being able to use it to sign into other websites is nice.

Maybe the final straw was looking at all these notifications of things I was supposed to approve or disapprove. One was someone I barely knew who wanted me to say we worked together on some campaign for a candidate I never met.

Also, I need to be sure to FORBID all those silly game invites. I don’t care about your new virtual cow!

On the next go-round, it will ONLY be people that I know well enough to really care what is happening in their lives. There will also be a small number of people I admire and businesses and political sites I wish to support. Other than that, my friends list will be short.

I admit that I do enjoy the updates from a SMALL NUMBER of people. I guess that is the lesson I learned: so-called “Social Media” is not. Once you go past a small group, it turns into background noise at best — and a din at worst. Imagine the crowd at a major sporting event all screaming at the top of their lungs. In theory, they all are at a social event — but nobody can hear each other. And, outside of the handful of people they know at the event, they are no closer to anyone else in the crowd once the event is over.

I also dropped my Digg membership. They actually make you contact them to drop out. Any group that makes it difficult to quit is a group you shouldn’t join.

Oh, I do still like WordPress a lot. 😉


Possible fix for RAGE crash on launch within Steam

October 8, 2011

It appears the Steam crash at launch is triggered by having the default triple buffering enabled in the AMD Catalysts Control Center in the OpenGL settings. See:

Here is the fix (high-five to CatatonicMan for posting it):

I fixed the crash after startup by turning off Triple Buffering in Catalyst Control Center.

This is using the RAGE-specific AMD drivers with a pair of HD 4870s in crossfire. It is also repeatable (triple buffering on crashes game; triple buffering off does not).

For me, it is under:

CCC -> Gaming -> 3D Application Settings -> OpenGL Settings -> Triple Buffering
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