World of Grindcraft (2nd attempt)

Ok, I tried it again WoW again on the starter edition and this time took one of the bull guys to level 10 and got to go to another crudely rendered tribal cow-people village. I have decided that there must be a WoW program that generates quests that goes something like this:

1. Put a ! above one of the NPCs that is just standing around anyway (like they all do).
2. If player interacts with the NPC, have it go kill (fill in number) of (fill in blank) for you.
3. Alt: Have some slight odds that player will be asked to carry something to another NPC. NOTE: The player will kill oodles of things along the way and complete the other mass-slaughter quests.
4. Upon completion of the quest, either (A) go back to standing around like NPC statues or (B) offer the player another chance to go kill X number of Y.

A flight on some sort of bird thing to deliver hides to another village was fun. Then I was tasked with flying another load of finished leather good back. So, I had two “fetch” quests in one! It was the only trip where I didn’t kill things along the way. Blizzard will need to fix that ASAP.

I picked skinning and leather work as crafts, since my hours in Bovinia (my name for cow land) consist of killing everything that moves that isn’t lit bright green. As such, I have an endless stock of recently deceased things to skin and make into stuff. As soon as I turn around, these darn critters appear to have respawned and I need to kill them again. And again. And yet again! Die critters! Die!

Oh, though I did once catch a dog for someone. In a novel twist — I didn’t have to kill it (or skin it). I also investigated a missing caravan, but there were lots of things to kill on the way there and back. I got to show off all my fancy attack animations on the trip. These animations consisted of: (A) stand and whack stuff repeatedly with a sword or (B) stand and shoot stuff repeatedly with a bow (later a gun). Sometimes, depending upon the range, I got to do both A and B on the same poor critter (none of which seemed to have any survival instincts).

I figure I have now killed more game than Ernest Hemingway.

Oh, somebody did ask me to join a guild. I ignored them. Any guild that would want me at that level of character was clearly too hard up for me.

Bottom line: Maybe WoW is WOW for veteran players, but to me it is consisting of blocky character models, cheesy graphics, and more grinding than a coffee shop. It is BORING! I keep asking myself, “What is it about THIS that would make me want to shell out $15 a month?”

What is it about WoW that I am clearly not getting? My friends love it. Yet, I just can’t see what the fuss is about. It is becoming really boring.

There, I said it! Heresy! I will try it a bit more to see when the fun stuff starts. Maybe after another thousand dead woodland critters?


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