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Papa Johns online ordering is a nightmare

December 6, 2010

I just tried to order pizzas with Papa John’s online ordering. They illustrate a classic blunder of Internet sales — lack of a backup plan. I tried to order three pizzas at the Internet-only price — only to have their system crash when I got to the part where I was about to place the order. Worse, I can’t get their page to load anymore. It just keeps timing out.

More fun: I tried to call the store to order the same pizzas, but was told they couldn’t sell them to me at that price — as it was an Internet-only special! I then tried to explain to the hapless person on the phone that THEIR INTERNET SITE WAS DOWN for me! I asked if they had ANYONE there who could do an override to let me finish my transaction that I tried to do online, but couldn’t complete because THEIR SITE WOULDN’T LOAD.

They offered to let me buy another special that cost more… No sale, sorry.

Advice to Papa Johns: Don’t make the people trying to hand you money jump through all these hoops. If they can’t get the online system to work, offer to sell them the $%@# pizzas at the same price! The top business goal here should be to sell pizza!

Better yet, drop the Internet-only prices. Make the specials cross all ordering platforms (online, phone, and walk-in) so people don’t feel cheated if they don’t have access to the Internet (or can’t get your site to load).