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Dragon Age further impression

October 22, 2010

This game, sadly, is still pretty buggy for being out as long as it has been. Worse, I got hit with a bug (Disappearing DLC) that has been know about since at least November of 2009. Twice I have had to go back to saved games as two different bugs made forward progress either impossible or impractical.

Other bugs include “quest solved” or “conversation indicators” hovering over NPCs that never go away, tripwires that you can’t make go away (whether you try to diffuse them or trip them), and crashes during boss fights. One of them in the Mage’s Tower Fade segment happened repeatedly and I had to change an auto-save setting to get it to let me finish the fight. Had this not worked, my forward progress (again) would have been stopped.

Bioware: Please take a break from cranking out new DLC and a sequel to FIX the game and DLC that you have out now.