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San Antonio trip

August 14, 2010

We hid out in San Antonio for a couple of days after the daughter was safely wed again. We hiked the River Walk, took a boat trip, hit book stores, and ate more than was healthy. Two spots merit a mention as “must hit” stops if you get around San Antonio. Both are easy to find, as they are right on Broadway. One is the W.D. Deli, where we had yummy soups, salads, and sandwiches:

This place is a converted home and has an upstairs dining area we will need to hit the next time.

The other must-hit eatery was The Pig Stand, which lured us in twice:

It is like stepping back into time! The food is classic lunch counter diner fair done as well as one will find it anywhere. The staff is friendly and I put many quarters in the jukebox. If you want as good of batch of onion rings as may be found (they claim to have invented them, along with Texas Toast), just ditch the diet and go.

Your tummy will thanks you, though the belt may need loosening afterward.