Corsair gets a gold star for customer service

I bought a used Corsair power supply as part of a home-built system in a moving sale and discovered that the prior owner had not used most of the modular power cords when he built his rig. Of course, he couldn’t find the rest of them now.

Problem: I needed these “extra” cables for upgrades to the machine.

I contacted Corsair about how to get a replacement set and soon heard back that they would ship them to me. The SATA cables would need to be back-ordered, but they would also send those along as soon as they came in.

No hassles! They were not in any way obligated to do this, I note. It impressed me that they would replace a set of cables lost by the prior owner of a used device at no charge.

Corsair, you just moved up another notch on my “preferred brands” list. You join eVGA, which allowed me to RMA a high-end video card without the extended warranty in place. I also need to add Asus which just authorized the swap of a failed motherboard for a friend of mine that he had bought used.

All three brands win high marks from me for what they did for customers AFTER the initial sale. We all grumble about bad service. It seemed only fair to offer praise when a vendor does the right thing


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